For resellers and service providers

Increase your revenue per client without investing in deploying new services. StormWall is pleased to offer resellers and service providers an affiliate program.

Our effective protection against DDoS attacks will be relevant for online store owners, media, online services and other companies with critical business continuity requirements.

How it works:

  • Sign a partnership agreement
  • Register in your StormWall account
  • Notify customers about the expansion of the service portfolio and start selling cloud DDoS protection services the next day

What is the value of the program for partners:

  • Become a trusted partner for the client in protecting critical business processes from disruptions due to DDoS and thereby increase loyalty
  • Monitor attack trends, recommend ways to respond to cybersecurity challenges and propose appropriate solutions
  • Implement the principle of one window: deliver the necessary services from one provider
  • Use StormWall resources to accompany the client when connecting and while using the service, without distracting your own resources
  • Sales support and training in the partner's channel: selling mailings, webinars, consultations