Protecting web applications with cloud-based Web Application Firewall

Attacks targeting web applications are among the most common causes of security breaches. Considering that the damage incurred as a result of such an attack can be huge, organizations should treat the associated risks with special attention, providing protection based on firewalls specifically designed for web applications.

Unlike software or appliance based solutions, SolidWall Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a cloud based service that requires neither separate infrastructure/software, nor additional costs associated with their acquisition, configuration, installation, connection and maintenance. You pay on a subscription basis.

With SolidWall Cloud WAF, you can secure your critical online assets by analyzing the performance of individual web applications and, taking account of their specific characteristics, detect and repel the attacks in a timely manner.


Subscription plans

OWASP signatures
Protection of the business logic level of the application
Vulnerability and incident consulting
Full WAF service, incident monitoring and response
Adapting WAF for the application
Additional objects (domains / subdomains) - 1 domain80 73 400080 73 4000
Traffic (1 Mbps)4 4 2004 4 200
Price / month (with included traffic of 10 Mb / s)640 582 320001440 1309 72000

Who needs our service

SolidWall Cloud WAF is designed to protect critical web applications having complex business logic, such as e-commerce sites, public information resources and services, B2B platforms, remote customer service systems, corporate portals, government resources, industrial control systems (MES/SCADA etc.), and others.

SolidWall Cloud WAF is scalable enough to protect online resources used by companies of all sizes, from SMB organizations to large enterprises.

Why do you need SolidWall Cloud WAF

According to statistics, attacks targeting web applications cause security breaches even more often than DDoS attacks, so it would be too risky to ignore the need to be protected against them.

You should use the SolidWall Cloud WAF service if:

  • You have web applications, performance of which is critical for your company profits and business reputation, with disruptions and failures meaning financial and reputational harm, loss of customers and partners
  • You don't want to spend money, efforts and time troubleshooting incidents resulting from attacks against your web applications
  • You are not 100% sure that you can reliably protect your web applications on your own

What will your company get

  • Reliable 24х7 protection from hacker attacks targeting web applications
  • Protection at the application business logic level
  • Easy and intuitive user experience
  • Expert-grade technical support
  • Advice on vulnerabilities and incidents
  • Rapid incident response
  • Minimum false alarms
  • Low initial costs and subscription fees

SolidWall Cloud WAF advantages

  • Ready-to-use solution, no need to install or maintain expensive hardware and software
  • Integration with StormWall DDoS protection makes it easy to protect applications against all possible attack vectors
  • Expert 24x7 technical support with less than 15-minute response times
  • Geographical distribution: WAF nodes in Moscow, Frankfurt, Washington DC and Hong Kong significantly reduce request processing delays
  • Support for modern web application architectural patterns (MVC, SOA, REST, API-centric)
  • Protection against threats at the application business logic level
  • Guaranteed availability of the protected online resource, with service level metrics set out in the contract
SolidWall Cloud WAF
SolidWall Cloud WAF

Becoming our client

Subscribing to StormWall DDoS protection is as easy as ABC!

Method 1. Chat with our online consultant or call us! Our experts are always online, available 24x7 to help you connect in just 10 minutes.

Method 2. Choose a suitable payment plan and click Order. You then will be able to take all the necessary steps to enable and configure protection on your own.

Payment options

  • Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/etc.)
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
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