Web Application Firewall

According to statistics, attacks on web applications are on the first place among the technological causes of information security incidents after equipment failures, activity of insiders, mobile devices theft or loss, and even ahead of DDoS attacks. The damage from such incidents can be very significant.

To protect against such threats StormWall introduced a specialized solution – cloud-based application-level firewall (Web Application Firewall), which protects web applications from being attacked by hackers while considering the specifics of application functioning.


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What is SolidWall Cloud WAF used for?

  • Protection of external web resources. Remote banking, online retail, B2B portals, personal accounts, e-government services, etc.
  • Protecting corporate web applications. Intranet portals, ERP, CRM, EDI, BI, B2B services, etc. user behavior control, protection against unauthorized access, data leakage prevention.
  • Cloud security. Ability to protect cloud services from external attacks, and to control the use of cloud services by employees and contractors.
  • Transaction monitoring, antifraud. Important technical data about the HTTP Requests, users who performed the actions and the transaction details can be transferred to a specialized system for further analysis.
  • Critical systems protection. The use of full-view model allows you to fully document the Protocol of interaction with the application is critical at all levels and to prohibit any deviation from the norm.
  • Privileged access control. Due to the mechanisms of control of sessions and user actions it is possible to control the access of privileged users to the web administration console.
  • Web services development and optimization. The solution allows to collect comprehensive statistics of the web application, find bugs and bottlenecks, opportunities for improvement.

SolidWall Cloud WAF features

  • The combination of two detection methods: signatures (negative model) and application layered model (positive model) gives high degree of protection both from the common types of attacks, as well as from targeted attacks.
  • Special mechanisms to suppress false positives to reduce their number to a minimum
  • Syntax parsing of HTTP protocol with any level of complexity. Support for modern web frameworks, encoding methods, the structural parameters of the transmission schemes for XML, JSON, etc. including embedded (base64-encoded json in xml), control of authentication and authentication mechanisms, session control
  • Analysis of application business logic using the Smart Action mechanism. Identify users, their actions in the application, parameters and action data. This data can be used to suppress false positives, create a positive model of the application or can be exported to other systems for further analysis.
  • Ability to eliminate vulnerabilities not only at web application level, but also vulnerabilities at the architecture or application logic level (for example, missing or incorrectly engineered security mechanisms)
  • Flexible setting mechanisms, which make it possible to adapt the system to applications of any complexity, serving both external and internal users.
  • Professional services from the developer for implementation, system configuration, monitoring and incident response are designed to maximize the efficiency of the system.

Key advantages of SolidWall Cloud WAF

  • Cloud solution - does not require installation and maintenance of expensive hardware and software
  • Integration with StormWall DDoS protection allows you to easily protect the site from all vectors of hacker attacks
  • Technical support and incident consultations are included in the subscription price
  • Geographical distribution: WAF nodes are installed in Frankfurt, Washington and Moscow, which significantly reduces delays in processing requests
  • Support for modern models of web application representation (MVC, SOA, REST, API-centric)
  • Protection against threats at the level of the business logic of the application
SolidWall Cloud WAF
SolidWall Cloud WAF
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