Securing Web Applications Using Cloud WAF

Web application attacks are one of the most common causes of information security incidents. The damage from these can be very serious, so organizations should consider the risks associated with them with particular attention and provide protection using web application layer firewalls.

Unlike solutions made in the form of software or hardware and software systems, Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a cloud service that does not require a separate infrastructure, software, as well as the costs associated with their purchase, configuration, installation , connection and maintenance: payment is made by subscription.

Securing Web Applications Using Cloud WAF
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Who is the WAF service for?

The WAF service will allow you to reliably secure critical Internet resources: it is able to analyze the operation of individual web applications and take into account their features for timely detection and reflection of attacks on them.

WAF is focused on protecting critical web applications with complex business logic:

Online stores, information resources and services, B2B platforms
Remote customer service systems, corporate portals
State systems of interdepartmental interaction
Technological production control systems (MES, SCADA / APCS), etc.
Using WAF, you can protect the web resources of both a small company and a large organization.

How to understand if you need application protection

According to statistics, attacks on web applications become the cause of information security incidents even more often than DDoS attacks, and it would be very risky to neglect protection against them.
If there are tens, hundreds, and even more than a thousand web applications, the profit and business image of your company depends on their performance, failures and breakdowns of your applications threaten with solid financial and reputation costs, loss of customers and a break with partners
If you do not want to spend money, nerves and time on eliminating the consequences of incidents related to attacks on web applications
If you are not 100% sure that you can reliably protect web applications on your own

WAF Benefits

The solution does not require installation and maintenance of expensive hardware and software
Integration with StormWall DDoS protection makes it easy to protect applications from all vectors of hacker attacks
Support for threat protection at the level of the business logic of the application
Geographical distribution: WAF nodes are installed in all our points of presence worldwide
Using modern web application presentation models (MVC, SOA, REST, API-centric)
Guaranteed availability of the protected web resource. All working conditions are spelled out in our contract

What your company will get

Reliable 24/7 protection against web application attacks. Minimum false positives
Protection of the level of the business logic of the application. Consulting on vulnerabilities and incidents (except for the Standard tariff)
Convenient and informative user interface. Low start-up costs and subscription fees
Expert technical support and fast incident response
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Points of Presence

> 4500 Gbit/s
Filtering Capacity
Germany (Frankfurt)
Germany (Frankfurt) Equinix FR5 e-Shelter FR1

USA (Washington D.C.)
USA (Washington D.C.)

Equinix DC2

China (Hong Kong)
China (Hong Kong)

Equinix HK1



Kazakhstan (Almaty)
Kazakhstan (Almaty)

Connection via

Jusan Mobile


Equinix SG3


Bulgaria (Sofia)
Bulgaria (Sofia)

Telepoint Center

UAE (Dubai)
UAE (Dubai)

SmartHub Fujairah

Brazil (São Paulo)
Brazil (São Paulo)

Coming 2024

Indonesia (Jakarta)
Indonesia (Jakarta)

Coming 2024

How to order WAF

Use the service by choosing one of three work options:
With the help of a consultant
Write to an online consultant
or call us.
We recommend this method if a DDoS attack is already underway and you have no time to understand the intricacies. Our experts are available online 24x7, they will help you deploy protection within 10 minutes.
On one's own
Choose a suitable tariff and click "Order".
In this case, you can independently complete all the steps to activate and configure protection.
Send a request
Fill out the form
and our manager will contact you during the working day.

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During this time, we have implemented more than 8000 projects in 60 countries.
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