VDS/VPS with DDoS Protection

StormWall VDS/VPS with DDoS protection solution offers a dedicated server with full administrative rights.

This means customers can rest reassured their websites or services are fully protected against all sorts of DDoS attacks from the very start.

Now, depending on your resource needs (number of cores, RAM, disk space and protection option), you can choose one of four subscription plans.

VDS/VPS with DDoS Protection

Select a subscription plan

Protection options:

  1. Basic protection L3-L4, without website protection. Free option, which is already included in the service and goes without technical support of StormWall experts and without SLA guarantees. It is enough to protect your resources from simple, typical attacks, which are mitigated automatically and do not require any tuning. Examples: DNS amplification, SYN attack, RST flood, etc. Suitable if you want to protect your server from basic DDoS attacks, but do not plan to use professional protection or protect websites.
  2. Protection of up to 3 domains (25 Mbit/s). Application-level protection on Lite subscription plan includes 24*7 technical support. Suitable for you if you want to protect websites located on the server. Full description of the Lite plan can be found here.
  3. Рrotection for game/application L3-L5 (50Mbit/s). Professional protection of TCP/UDP applications on Standard subscription plan, including technical support from StormWall experts. Suitable for you if you need to protect TCP/UDP applications located on the server (examples - online games, VoIP-services, etc.). Full description of the Standard subscription plan can be found here.
CPU cores2 vCPU4 vCPU6 vCPU8 vCPU
CPU frequency2.3 ГГц2.3 ГГц2.3 ГГц2.3 ГГц
Disk volume40 GB SSD RAID-160 GB SSD RAID-180 GB SSD RAID-1120 GB SSD RAID-1>
Protection from attacks
Included legitimate bandwidth (excess allowed)100 Mb/s100 Mb/s100 Mb/s100 Mb/s
Maximum filtering bandwidth without connection inspection (stateless)Over 2 TbpsOver 2 TbpsOver 2 TbpsOver 2 Tbps
Maximum filtering bandwidth with connection inspection (stateful)Over 600 GbpsOver 600 GbpsOver 600 GbpsOver 600 Gbps
Legitimate traffic volumeunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Price per month


CPU cores 5.99 for 1 CPU - frequency 2.3 GHz
RAM 3.99 for 1 GB (DDR-4 ECC)
Disk space SSD 0.38 1 GB
Number of IP 1.99 for 1 IP
Protection space 6 for 1 Mbps
Number of domains 19.99 for one additional domain
Administration Cost 199.99

Who need our service

VDS/VPS with DDoS protection is recommended for web services, e-commerce websites, business apps/online gaming servers and other projects with high resilience, performance and data protection requirements.

Benefits of StormWall over other solutions

  • All clients’ VDS/VPS are fully isolated so do not impact each other’s performance. All dedicated resources are ‘guaranteed’ which ensures stable performance and no unpleasant surprises as with most low-cost VDS hosting platforms.
  • We use servers with CPUs such as Intel Xeon E5 and Enterprise level storage systems which guarantees high resilience and no performance bottlenecks.
  • Full backup of each VDS/VPS is made every night. If something happens to your data you can quickly restore the data copy for the previous day (how long copies are kept, depends on the plan purchased).
  • The comprehensive VDS/VPS + DDoS protection package is significantly cheaper than buying servers and DDoS protection separately.

Payment options

  • Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/etc.
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
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