VDS / VPS servers with DDoS protection

VDS / VPS service with DDoS protection is a lease of a virtual dedicated server with administration rights.

Sites or applications hosted on this server will be protected from any type of DDoS attacks from the very first second after launch.

Depending on your resource needs (number of cores, RAM, disk size and protection option), you can choose one of four tariffs.

VDS/VPS серверы с защитой DDoS
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CPU cores2 vCPU4 vCPU6 vCPU8 vCPU
CPU frequency2.3 GHz2.3 GHz2.3 GHz2.3 GHz
Disk volume40 GB SSD RAID-160 GB SSD RAID-180 GB SSD RAID-1120 GB SSD RAID-1
Protection of 1 domain (Personal plan, 25 Mbps)
Geographic location
Germany (Frankfurt am Main) - fra.stormwall.pro
Price per month175,16 $218,68 $270,18 $329,28 $
2 vCPU 00
2.3 ГГц
2 GB (DDR-4 ECC)
Protection of 1 domain (Personal plan, 25 Mbps)
Geographical position
Germany (Frankfurt am Main) - fra.stormwall.pro
175,16 $
per month
For all packages:
Legitimate bandwidth included in the subscription (no overshoot) - up to 100 Mbps
Maximum coarse bandwidth - more than 3.5 Tbit / s
Maximum fine packet filtering bandwidth - over 1.6 Tbit
The volume of transmitted traffic is not limited



140 $
180 $

Geographical position

Frankfurt am Main
Hong Kong


CPU cores6 $
RAM4 $
SSD disk capacity8 $
Number of IP0 $
Protection bandwidth0 $
Number of domains0 $
Protection of 1 domain (Personal plan, 25 Mbps)140 $
Geographical position0 $
Total cost157,58 $

Who is the service for

Hosting VDS / VPS with DDoS protection is recommended for web projects with increased requirements for fault tolerance, performance and data protection.
Online services
Online Stores
Servers for business applications and online games
It is also a great option for rapidly growing projects as resources can be added on the fly.

Why you need VDS / VPS with DDoS protection

A virtual server is more convenient to administer than a physical one, and renting it is much cheaper
DDoS protection nowadays is essential for any server on the Internet
It is quick and easy to organize parasitic traffic to an unprotected virtual server, while eliminating the consequences of an attack is time-consuming and expensive

What your company will get

Speed ​​up your web services. Easy change of tariffs and service parameters without rebooting
Free migration of an Internet project from the current hosting to a secure virtual server. No additional costs for hardware and software
Protection against all types of DDoS attacks, including previously unknown
Self-managed virtual server similar to IPMI intelligent interface
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Advantages of the StormWall service over other solutions*

Quick installation - your server will be ready to work in a few minutes!
VDS / VPS of all clients are isolated from each other and do not affect “neighbors”. The resources allocated to your company are guaranteed to serve only you with stable performance, without "surprises" that happen on budget VDS-hosting
VDS / VPS are hosted on servers with processors no weaker than Intel Xeon E5, and data is stored on external Enterprise-level storage systems, which provides increased reliability and performance margin in case of "influx of visitors"
Every night, the entire VDS / VPS is automatically backed up, and if something happens to the data, you can quickly restore the backup for any day (the duration of storage of copies is determined by the tariff plan)
The cost of VDS / VPS with DDoS protection is significantly lower than when purchasing a server and protection service separately

How VDS / VPS hosting works with DDoS protection

Protection can be connected using an IPIP / GRE tunnel, through IX or by physically connecting to the StormWall network at one of our sites.
A protected virtual server is deployed on a fault-tolerant cluster running VMware. The virtualized resources are dynamically distributed between physical servers, so that increased load on neighboring virtual servers will not affect the quality of service.
Your systems will continue to run with maximum uptime thanks not only to high-performance servers and high-bandwidth interfaces, but also to our traffic filtering system. The traffic directed at VDS/VPS is processed by our system at Layers 3-4 of the OSI model, protecting your assets from infrastructure attacks aiming to cause congestion and system overload.
If you use VDS/VPS to host websites, it is advisable to enable protection of inbound HTTP/HTTPS traffic, which includes analyzing requests to your server and optimizing traffic delivery.

How we provide high quality service

How we ensure the high quality of our service
Triple Filter
All traffic going to the server is cleaned in 3 places:

Border routers.More than 100 border routers scattered around the world are configured to cut off traffic that should not be reaching the client. It is this level of filtering that allows our clients not to be afraid of attacks of several hundred gigabits per second, since all TCP / UDP amplification is blocked here.

Hardware filters.At this level, most of the TCP / UDP flood is blocked. Thanks to the use of hardware filters, it is possible to achieve tremendous packet processing speed. The filtering network is designed to evenly distribute the load across multiple hardware filters.

Precision filters.This is a fine filtering layer where the most sophisticated attacks, including attacks using bots, are blocked.

FlowSense system

The FlowSense system constantly monitors all data streams going to the server, monitors anomalies and automatically detects the type of attack in progress.

Based on the results, the security parameters are dynamically tuned using BGP FlowSpec (RFC 5575) and the API of our system.

Система FlowSense
BanHammer: фильтр HTTP-флуда
BanHammer: HTTP flood filter

BanHammer is an HTTP flood filtering system honed in tens of thousands of real attacks on our clients' sites.

Despite the name (as historically it was), there are no "bans" - we abandoned them in favor of intelligent filtering methods based on behavioral and signature analysis. This allowed us to reduce the percentage of false positives to minimal values, while at the same time maximizing the percentage of filtered requests.

Points of presence

> 3500 Gbit/s

bandwidth without connection inspection


> 1600 Gbit/s

bandwidth with connection inspection


Germany (Frankfurt)
Germany (Frankfurt)

fra.stormwall.network Equinix FR5

fra2.stormwall.network e-Shelter FR1

USA (Washington)
USA (Washington)


Equinix DC3

China (Hong Kong)
China (Hong Kong)


Equinix HK1

Kazakhstan (Almaty)
Kazakhstan (Almaty)


Connection via

Jusan Mobile



Equinix SG3


How to order VDS / VPS with DDoS protection

Use the service by choosing one of three work options:
With the help of a consultant
Write to an online consultant or call us.
We recommend this method if a DDoS attack is already underway and you have no time to understand the intricacies. Our experts are available online 24x7 and will help you deploy your protection within 10 minutes.
On one's own
Choose a suitable tariff and click "Order".
In this case, you can independently complete all the steps to activate and configure protection.
Send a request
Fill out the form
and our manager will contact you during the working day.

Our clients

All clients

We have been working at the international market since 2013.

During this time, we have implemented more than 8000 projects in 60 countries.

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