DDoS protected VDS/VPS hosting

The subscribers of StormWall DDoS protected VDS/VPS solution are provisioned with dedicated VMware-based virtual machines with full administrative privileges. It means that the customers can be rest assured that their websites and services are fully protected against all sorts of DDoS attacks from the very beginning.

VDS/VPS with DDoS Protection

Subscription plans

Now, depending on your resource needs (number of CPU cores, RAM, storage capacity, and protection options), you can choose one of our four subscription plans, or create your own bundle with the services you require, using our calculator below.

Protection options:

  1. Protection of 1 domain (Lite plan, 10 Mbps). Application-level protection under the Lite subscription plan includes 24x7 technical support. Suitable if you want to protect websites hosted on your server. Full description of the Lite plan can be found here.
  2. L3-L5, 50 Mbps protection for games/applications. Professional-level protection for TCP/UDP applications under the Standard subscription plan, including technical support provided by StormWall experts. Aimed at those who need to protect TCP/UDP applications hosted on the server (such as online games, VoIP services, etc.). The full description of the Standard subscription plan can be found here.
CPU cores2 vCPU4 vCPU6 vCPU8 vCPU
CPU frequency2.4 GHz2.4 GHz2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Disk volume40 GB SSD RAID-160 GB SSD RAID-180 GB SSD RAID-1120 GB SSD RAID-1>
Protection from attacks
Included legitimate bandwidth (excess allowed)up to 100 Mb/sup to 100 Mb/sup to 100 Mb/sup to 100 Mb/s
Maximum filtering bandwidth without connection inspection (stateless)Over 2 TbpsOver 2 TbpsOver 2 TbpsOver 2 Tbps
Maximum filtering bandwidth with connection inspection (stateful)Over 600 GbpsOver 600 GbpsOver 600 GbpsOver 600 Gbps
Legitimate traffic volumeunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Price per month


CPU cores 5.99 for 1 CPU - frequency 2.4 GHz
RAM 3.99 for 1 GB (DDR-4 ECC)
Disk space SSD 0.38 1 GB
Number of IP 1.99 for 1 IP
Protection bandwidth 6 for 1 Mbps
Number of domains 19.99 for one additional domain
Administration Cost 199.99

Who needs our service

DDoS protected VDS/VPS recommended for web services, e-commerce websites, business apps, online gaming servers, and other projects with increased fault-tolerance, performance and data protection needs.

In addition, this is a perfect option for rapidly growing projects, letting you add the necessary capacity on the go (without rebooting the server).

Why do you need a DDoS protected VDS/VPS service

  • A virtual server is easier to manage and much cheaper to rent than a physical one
  • Protection against DDoS attacks is essential these days for any Internet-connected server
  • An unprotected virtual server can be very easily bombed with bogus traffic, while mitigation of such an attack will take a lot of time and money

What will your company get

  • Improved response time for your web services
  • Free migration of your online assets from your current hosting platform to a protected virtual server
  • Efficient protection from all kinds of DDoS attacks, including previously unknown ones
  • No extra hardware or software costs
  • An autonomous virtual server, self-managed in an IPMI-like way
  • A convenient subscription plan with monthly payments
  • Ability to easily change subscription plans and service options without rebooting the system

StormWall advantages over other solutions

  • Quick setup: your server will be ready to use in just a few minutes
  • VMware virtualization, the de facto industry standard for enterprise-grade solutions, offering the same VM performance as a similarly-configured dedicated server
  • All the clients’ virtual servers are fully isolated so they do not impact each other’s performance. All of your dedicated resources have robust performance, without unpleasant surprises like with most low-cost VDS hosting platforms
  • We use the servers with at least Intel Xeon E5 CPUs and enterprise-grade storage, guaranteeing high resilience and no performance bottlenecks
  • Full backup of each VDS/VPS is made automatically every night. If something happens to your data, you can quickly restore it from the previous-day backup (the backup storage period depends on your subscription plan), plus you can create snapshots whenever you need
  • Our comprehensive VDS/VPS + DDoS protection offering is significantly cheaper than buying servers and protective services separately

How DDoS protected VDS/VPS hosting works

  • A protected virtual server is deployed on a fault-tolerant cluster running VMware. The virtualized resources are dynamically distributed between physical servers, so that increased load on neighboring virtual servers will not affect the quality of service.
  • Your systems will continue to run with maximum uptime thanks not only to high-performance servers and high-bandwidth interfaces, but also to our traffic filtering system. The traffic directed at VDS/VPS is processed by our system at Layers 3-4 of the OSI model, protecting your assets from infrastructure attacks aiming to cause congestion and system overload.
  • If you use VDS/VPS to host websites, it is advisable to enable protection of inbound HTTP/HTTPS traffic, which includes analyzing requests to your server and optimizing traffic delivery.

How we ensure the high quality of our service

Triple Filter

All of your server’s inbound traffic is cleaned up in three stages:

Edge routers. Over 100 edge routers all over the world are set up to discard traffic that should never reach your servers. This layer of protection makes our clients resistant to 100+ Gbps attacks, with TCP and UDP amplification attempts completely blocked at this layer.

Hardware filters. Most of TCP/UDP flood is being blocked at this layer. Thanks to using hardware-based filtering appliances, extremely high packet processing speeds are achieved. The filtering network is built in a way to evenly distribute load between a number of hardware filtering appliances.

Stateful filters The thin filtering layer is where the most complex and sophisticated attacks are blocked, including bot attacks. For HTTP traffic, this layer includes our BanHammer HTTP filtering system.

Triple Filter All traffic passing towards your server is cleaned in three places



Our FlowSense system continuously monitors all of your server/website incoming data flows, looking for anomalies and automatically determining the type of an ongoing attack. This enables automated adjustment of filtering parameters using the BGP FlowSpec (RFC 5575) protocol and our filtering systems API.


BanHammer is our system for filtering out HTTP floods, precisely tuned based on dozens of thousands real-world attacks that had targeted our clients’ websites. Despite the name, there are no actual “bans” - we use intelligent filtering methods based on behavioral and signature analysis, enabling to minimize false positives while maximizing the percentage of flood traffic being filtered out.


Becoming our client

Subscribing to StormWall Anti-DDoS hosting is as easy as ABC!

Method 1. Chat with our online consultant or call us! Our experts are always online and available 24x7. They will arrange a free consultation and help you to choose an appropriate subscription plan. The connection to the service takes just 2-3 minutes.

Method 2. Choose a suitable subscription plan or create your own configuration using the calculator and click Order. This way you will be able to perform all the steps to activate and configure the protection on your own.

Payment options

  • Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/etc.)
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
Still in doubt? Ask us a question!