CDN is a unique data transfer service for an unlimited number of users all around the world maintaining the maximum download speed no matter where the source of content or the user are located.

1. 40% — 57% of users leave website if it takes over 3 seconds to load
2. 60% to 80% of these users will never come back to this site again
3. A delay of just 1 second in the load speed of the site leads to a 25% - 30% drop in attendance
4. Almost half of all users share their negative online shopping experience
5. Over 50% of online store customers say that load speed affects their loyalty

And finally, Yandex and Google started to factor in load speed for search results rankings.


CDN service is essential for:

– e-commerce
– corporate websites
– gaming, news and media resources
– all sites with high traffic and broad user geography

How is this speed achieved?

From the content owner to the consumer the data goes the shortest – which means the fastest – route.

In this case, every user in any place all around world receives your content from CDN server nearest to him. This guarantees the maximum speed and optimal performance of your site.

1. Your content is being uploaded to the CDNNOW network
2. It’s being distributed to all local servers within the network
3. Data is being delivered to each user from the geographically closest CDNNOW server

– Opportunity for developing own online TV within a short time
– Maximum speed of content delivery for an unlimited number of users
– No buffering and risk of broadcasting interruption
– Your online channel is available on all platforms and devices
– Our own SmartTV-app
– Easy TV channel billing integration
– Reduced risk of DDoS attacks
– Resistance to any site traffic spikes
– Live program navigation (DVR function)
– Reduced traffic load for your own servers
– Maximum covering of your target audience with opportunity for traffic targeting, validation and monetarization
– Transcoding of the stream into the format you need

CDN total capacity is 500 Gb/s

Which means you will be able to deliver your content to any number of users anywhere in the world in the shortest time.

At the same time your own servers remain unloaded and the users of your website, regardless of their location and Internet surfing devices, receive your content as quickly as possible.

CDN coverage

CDN points are located in over 40 cities all around the world. Wherever our clients might be – our servers will always be close to them.

HyperCache (FREE)
Type CDN
HyperCache + CDNnow
HyperCache + CDNnow
HyperCache + CDNnow
HyperCache + CDNnow
Points of presence
3 points of presence (Moscow, Frankfurt, Washington)
more than 40 points of presence around the world
more than 40 points of presence around the world
more than 40 points of presence around the world
more than 40 points of presence around the world
Configuration required
Outgoing traffic
100 GB
500 GB
1 TB
Data storage
1 GB cache
10 GB
50 GB
100 GB
Price per month

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