Service description

We will promptly treat your website from viruses, webshells and hacker’s scripts, stop outgoing spam and install the unique anti-hack protection, covering all the existing breaches on the website and unlimited in time.

Why to order Anti-hack from StormWall?

- We guarantee timely removal of all kinds of viruses and malware, removing the website from virus databases
- We install anti-hack protection, unlimited and not requiring any updates
- Clients trust us and recommend us
- Guarantee service period - 6 months
- Fixed price for all the work. One-time payment. Discount for 3+ websites order

Why to treat your website from viruses?

Virus code on website pages may lead to complete website block from antiviruses and browsers as well as ban on Google. Viruses may harm your visitors infrecting their PCs with malicious code and trojans.

It should be understood that viruses is a consequence of break-in, so first of all the source of the infection should be found (most likely it is vulnerable scripts or stolen FTP password).

Website treatment consists of 3 steps:

- Complete diagnosis and scanning for malicious and hackers’ scripts;
- Removal of all virus and hackers’ inserts;
- Installation of break-in protection to prevent future problems.

Why to protect your website from break-in?

Due to Sophos, over 30,000 websites are hacked every day. 8 out of 10 clients’ websites we checked contain vulnerabilities providing the attackers means of accessing closed site areas, inserting malicious code, reading database and accessing sensitive information.

The reason for this is obvious: owners and developers do not pay close attention to website security and protection against hackers.

Lack of attention to security problems lead to sad consequences: website either stops working or starts distributing viruses. In 90% break-in cases website loses positions in search engines and visitors. That’s why it’s necessary to pay attention to security and take measures to improve protection in advance.

Service Price
Website treatment and anti-hack protection (1 website)
  1. 5 999 ₽
  2. 89 $
  3. 79 €

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