30 October 2020

Types of Anti-DDoS Solutions. Hybrid Solutions

We are finishing the series of posts about the types of Anti-DDoS solutions. Today we will review the last one - hybrid solution.

Hybrid solutions consist of an on-premises solution and a subscription of an anti-DDoS cloud solution, which is activated automatically when an attack starts.

Hybrid solutions eliminate the limitations of on-premises solutions regarding the volume of attacks and combine in with the advantages of cloud solutions.


  • Reasonable price
  • High filtration capacity
  • Elastic bandwidth (increases quickly after an attack starts due to the extension of cloud solution)
  • Supplier’s expertise in mitigating attack and your own attacks filtration
  • Protection of websites and web applications (at the 7th layer of the OSI model)
  • The ability to flexibly integrate a local solution component into an existing infrastructure
  • Configuration and maintenance of a hybrid solution is usually provided by a provider. There is no need to hire additional specialists


  • Increased latency (when you need to extend your solution to the cloud)
  • Passing confidential and personal data through the cloud after an attack starts
  • High cost (compared to Сloud solutions)


Hybrid solutions are good for Enterprise companies which pay special attention to interacting with customers through online channels. We also recommend using hybrid solutions for medium service-providers.

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