11 September 2020

How to ensure the protectability from DDoS attacks for online resources? Goal №2

In the last post, we started the discussion of the goals that need to be completed to ensure the protectability from DDoS. Today we will continue.

Goal №2 – probably the second most difficult goal after the first one-to - provide as much information as possible to the DDoS protection company.

What do you need to do?

1. The DDoS protection company should know exactly whether the service is working well at the moment.

It often happens that the provider of an anti-DDoS service thinks that everything is working fine, while the client complains about some problems being occurred, in his opinion, due to the provider's fault. But how to check it?

The client should discuss with the provider in advance how to check the well-being of the service he provider should be able to understand what exactly is not working as it should, and what is the reason for this, from the client’s perspective.

2. The DDoS protection company should know which IP addresses and ports are used and for what purposes.

Oftentimes, a cybersecurity service provider and a client act on the task of ensuring security in separate ways. It leads to inadequate expectations on the part of a client and to an extremely weak understanding of what exactly and how to protect, on the part of the provider. As a result, the protection seems to be there, but its effectiveness is very doubtful.

It should be remembered that a reliable "line of defense" of an Internet resource is the result of close collaboration between a client and a DDoS protection provider. In particular, information about which IP addresses and ports the protected resource uses for what purposes will help the provider to choose the best way to build the defense, minimizing the vulnerability of the resource, while maintaining its availability, functionality and performance.

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