Hackers have combined botnets to launch the most powerful DDoS attacks

In the first half of December, StormWall specialists recorded a flood of DDoS attacks with a capacity of more than 1 Tbit/s, which lasted for several days. Essentially, the hackers attacked companies from the entertainment industry, online retail, publishers and the fintech sector, especially crypto services. More

13 January 2022 Industry news

Major DDoS Attacks on Logistics Companies

Transportation and logistics is a sensitive area of the economy that, for a variety of reasons, attracts increased attention from cybercriminals. The consequences of a DDoS attack can impact far beyond the enterprise itself, disrupting the workflow of thousands of other companies. More

23 December 2021 Industry news

The Danger of DDoS Attacks to Business

Current trends related to the popularity of IoT, the increase in the number of industries with operations online, and the expansion of 5G create favorable conditions for DDoS attacks. More

16 November 2021 Industry news

The impact of DDoS attacks on crypto exchanges

Exchanges are a vital part of the cryptocurrency industry. But, usually having a centralized architecture, they are also some of the most vulnerable services in the world of digital currencies. More

4 October 2021 Industry news

One of the most powerful botnets in the history of the Internet has been discovered, which allows launching DDoS attacks up to 2 Tbit/s

StormWall specialists have detected DDoS attacks conducted with the help of the most powerful botnet for the entire existence of the Internet. The maximum attack power reaches 2 Tbit/s, which at the moment is an absolute record among all attacks involving botnets. Most DDoS attacks were directed at the gaming industry. More

15 September 2021 Industry news

Bitcoin.org Hit by Massive DDoS Attack

An educational cryptocurrency website has been taken down by a network flood. The criminals demanded a ​​0.5 BTC ransom, equal to roughly $17,000 at the time of the attack. But, administrators restored website operation without paying a penny. More

31 August 2021 Industry news

Titanfall 2 can’t be played on Consoles due to DDoS attacks

Hundreds of thousands of gamers could not enjoy their favorite shooter due to a wave of DDoS attacks that rendered the game unplayable. The dev team made attempts to improve Titanfall’s security, but their success remains to be seen. More

24 August 2021 Industry news

Keksec Cybergang debuts Simps Botnet for Gaming DDoS

The Uptycs threat research group warns of a new botnet called The Simps. Its creation is credited to the criminal group Keksec, which specializes in DDoS attacks. More

20 July 2021 Industry news

STUN Servers increasingly abused for DDoS attacks

Network security experts have found an increase in attacks using Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN). How to protect yourself? More

13 July 2021 Industry news

New TsuNAME DNS bug allows attackes to DDoS authoritative DNS servers

Researchers at SIDN Labs, (.nl domain zone), InternetNZ (.nz domain zone) and the University of Southern California (Institute of Information Sciences) publicly disclose tsuNAME. Key Internet infrastructure of the national level could be at risk, according to researchers and practitioners. More

28 June 2021 Industry news

Belgium suffered the biggest DDoS attack in its history

Hundreds of Belgian state institutions, hospitals, universities and schools faced some problems with internet connection. According to Belnet’s status page, one of the massive DDoS attacks took place, disabling thousands of people from doing their jobs across the whole country. More

21 June 2021 Industry news