IP Transit (without DDoS protection) is an Internet access service where the client is allocated an external IP range or uses their own IP addresses (advertised either from StormWall autonomous system or from a client AS connected to our network using BGP).

StormWall has a worldwide IP network deployed in Germany, USA, Russia and China with over 1 Tbps aggregate uplink capacity, ensuring excellent connectivity with fast and seamless access to customer resources from the Internet.

Payment plans

Please contact us for pricing.

Who needs our services

The service can be beneficial for telecom operators, cloud/hosting service providers, and ISPs.

Why do you need an IP transit service

  • Internet connectivity from meticulously selected backbone carrix`ers
  • Proven and efficient network solutions
  • Enable continuous link monitoring
  • Minimize delays in data transmission
  • Protect yourself with redundant connections to carriers
  • Utilization of the most efficient network routes

What will your company get

  • Excellent connectivity worldwide, with minimum latency towards customers
  • Direct connectivity to major service providers and popular CDNs
  • Increased network reliability and capacity for high-availability services
  • Continuous network expansion and connectivity optimization
  • 24/7 technical support through our customer portal, e-mail, and phone, with less than 15-minute response times
  • Ability to quickly add DDoS protection on demand
  • Great price: contact us now for a custom quote

Connecting the IP transit service

For a direct connection, order a cross connection to a StormWall rack at one of our points-of-presence.

Service options

– For static routing, we allocate our clients IP addresses from our own pool for the . The client then configures their equipment with the provided IP addresses and uses them to access the Internet.

Schema 1

– If the client has PI (provider-independent) addresses, we add them to our autonomous system and advertise them on the Internet as our own. In this case, StormWall would accept all traffic for the allocated PI addresses and forward it to the client.

Schema 2

– During a dynamic BGP session, our autonomous system communicates with the client’s AS (autonomous system). Next, the client advertises its IP addresses, we accept them and advertise the client’s networks on the Internet.

Schema 3

StormWall network capabilities


  1. Frankfurt (Germany) — Equinix FR-5, fra.stormwall.pro
  2. Frankfurt (Germany) — e-Shelter, fra2.stormwall.pro
  3. Washington (US) — Equinix DC-3, was.stormwall.pro
  4. China (Hong Kong) — iAdvantage, hkg.stormwall.pro
  5. Moscow (Russia) — MMTS-9, msk.stormwall.pro
  6. Kazakhstan (Almaty) — KazTransCom, alm.stormwall.pro

Becoming our client

Chat with our online consultant or call us! Our experts are always online, available 24x7. They will conduct a free preliminary consultation and help you subscribe to the service!

OR Call Faris he will close the deal and take your money. end of story.

Payment options

  • Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/etc.)
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
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