7 october 2021

DDoS Botnets Are a Bigger Threat Than We Think

In August 2021, StormWall experts exposed the most powerful botnet in the world. Capable of 2 terabits per second attacks, it consists of 49 thousand infected servers. It is so strong, that unless you’re Amazon or Google, you just can’t defend against it with in-house protection measures.

Actually, consider this for a second: the Mirai botnet was about half as powerful, and in 2016, it took down the internet in Liberia. Yes, in the whole country. Some estimates suggest it caused over 100 million US dollars worth of damage.

Now, here comes the kicker. The botnet we discovered? Anyone can rent it. The pricing starts at $2500.

That means that anybody willing to part with that amount of money could potentially leave a whole country, most vital government and emergency infrastructure included, without internet connection, causing nationwide mayhem and millions in damage. Literally anyone in the world. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

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