One of the most powerful botnets in the history of the Internet has been discovered, which allows launching DDoS attacks up to 2 Tbit/s

15 September 2021

StormWall specialists have detected DDoS attacks conducted with the help of the most powerful botnet for the entire existence of the Internet. The maximum attack power reaches 2 Tbit/s, which at the moment is an absolute record among all attacks involving botnets. Most DDoS attacks were directed at the gaming industry.

The new botnet consists of 49 thousand devices, among which, remarkably, there are only servers, while there are no ordinary computers or mobile devices. The attacks carried out by the new botnet are quite standard, it can launch attacks using the UDP, TCP, and HTTP protocols (at layer 7 of the OSI model) with browser emulation. Hackers have been using the new tool for about a month, experts record the most powerful attacks on companies every day. This botnet originates from Spain and can be purchased online, the cost of the tool starts from $2500 for two days.

The new botnet is much more dangerous than its predecessors. Attacks of such power affect not only the victim but also the entire chain of its providers and can cause problems with access to the Internet at the same time for hundreds of thousands of users and online resources. Due to the fact that the attack has a large capacity, protection against it will be expensive, and only cloud DDoS protection services with sufficient filtering network capacity will be able to cope with it, and there can be no question of independent protection.

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