23 july 2021

5 Reasons to Get a Professional Protection From DDoS Attack

Most companies tend to underestimate DDoS attacks and the threats they pose. Every year the attacks become more dangerous and sophisticated; their power is continuously growing. Fighting DDoS attacks is an extremely challenging task. Some companies try to organize the protection of their resources internally, while others use professional Anti-DDoS solutions and find themselves in a more advantageous situation.

  • Expertise that can’t be achieved in-house unless you are a tech company

Modern DDoS-protection is very cost-intensive: IT specialists are very expensive employees, and you also need modern software and hardware installed globally to have any chances to withstand brutal yet ubiquitous DDoS-attacks on your company.

  • Constantly up-to-date:

your security system should contain the latest fixes and updates so that it is efficient. You are not safe unless your security keeps up with the ongoing evolution of cyber threats

  • Expert support and tailored approach:

there is no standard solution for a security system of an organization. It all depends on your IT architecture: how frequently you connect to third parties, whether you use cloud solutions etc…

  • Economy of scale: 

DDoS security services operate numerous servers all over the world which make up a global mitigation network. One company won’t be able to afford such a network, whereas DDoS protection services use the same mitigation network to protect various clients, thus dividing the network’s operational costs between the clients.

  • Innovative approach:

State of the art DDoS protection services use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to monitor and filter incoming traffic. This is only one particular result of an ongoing research and development process fostered by the IT security companies. No e-commerce company or online service can invest in such research on their own; that’s why it is quite logical to use third-party DDoS-protection services.

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