DDoS-attack Operators Increase Their Influence in Europe

DDoS attacks in Europe have become a serious headache for many companies. Over the past 10 years, the average DDoS traffic has grown by more than 1000%. More

26 November 2021 Analytics

The Largest DDoS Attack in History Hit Russian Tech Company Yandex

On September 5, 2021, the Yandex search engine and the most visited website in the Russian-language segment of the Internet, yandex.ru, suffered a massive DDoS attack. It was so powerful that the company's representatives called it the largest in the history of the Internet. More

19 November 2021 Articles

The Danger of DDoS Attacks to Business

Current trends related to the popularity of IoT, the increase in the number of industries with operations online, and the expansion of 5G create favorable conditions for DDoS attacks. More

16 November 2021 Industry news

DDoS Attacks Disturb Important Online Services in New Zealand

It is worth noting the increasing number of incidents involving Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in New Zealand. Representatives of the National Center for Cybersecurity GCSB are increasingly forced to comment on emerging cyber threats. More

9 November 2021 Articles

Free 10-day trial of solutions to protect websites, services and network from DDoS attacks

If you are looking for a provider that protects your corporate resources from DDoS attacks, but you want to test the service before making a decision, then our offer is just right for you! More

26 October 2021 Company news

Before the start of the academic year, the number of DDoS attacks on online retail has increased

Before the start of the new academic year, StormWall specialists have identified a sharp increase in DDoS attacks on the e-commerce sector in August 2021. More

5 October 2021 Analytics

Different Types of DDoS Attacks

As companies evolve, they gain access to new technologies and face new threats. Today there are many types of DDoS attacks. They differ in how they have been carried out and the characteristics of the parasitic traffic generated by the botnets. Any even the smallest business can fall victim to attackers. Reasons for DDoS attacks abound, from hunting for valuable information to deliberate financial damage or a simple test of the site's robustness. More

14 October 2021 StormWall edu

DDoS botnets are a bigger threat than we think

In August 2021, StormWall experts exposed the most powerful botnet in the world. Capable of 2 terabits per second attacks, it consists of 49 thousand infected servers. More

7 October 2021 Opinion

The impact of DDoS attacks on crypto exchanges

Exchanges are a vital part of the cryptocurrency industry. But, usually having a centralized architecture, they are also some of the most vulnerable services in the world of digital currencies. More

4 October 2021 Industry news

Hackers Bombarded Final Fantasy XIV European Servers

Final Fantasy 14 players could not enjoy the game, because the European servers were subjected to a massive DDoS attack. Square Enix, which is a Japanese video game company, confirmed the issue. More

30 September 2021 Articles

Hacker Groups and Their Tools

In recent years, hacking attacks have become even more sophisticated. Where once one person could be involved in an attack, now, with advances in technology and the rise of cyber security specialists, it is difficult to pull off major hacks alone. More

28 September 2021 Analytics

Global DDoS attacks within Azure surge

Microsoft experts record a 25% increase in assaults between Q4 2020 and the first half of 2021. In addition, attacks have increased significantly in volume and complexity. This trend will continue. Thanks to the growing popularity of IoT devices and the big interest in blockchain technologies. More

23 September 2021 Articles

One of the most powerful botnets in the history of the Internet has been discovered, which allows launching DDoS attacks up to 2 Tbit/s

StormWall specialists have detected DDoS attacks conducted with the help of the most powerful botnet for the entire existence of the Internet. The maximum attack power reaches 2 Tbit/s, which at the moment is an absolute record among all attacks involving botnets. Most DDoS attacks were directed at the gaming industry. More

15 September 2021 Industry news

How a DDoS attack can damage your website

Brining your website down is the most obvious, but there are subtler ways in which DDoS attacks can harm your business. In this article, we’re looking at the top 5 ways how DDoS can damage your online resource. More

9 September 2021 StormWall edu

Cryptocurrency services are being DDoSed more frequently than banks, in Q1 2021.

StormWalls data suggests that DDoS actors are beginning to shift their attention from banking and traditional fintech services to crypto, in 2021. More

8 September 2021 Opinion

DDoS attacks are raging through the oil and gas industry

While gaming and entertainment industries are still some of the most popular targets of DDoS actors, some are turning their attention to exploiting the natural resources market. In this article, we drill into how attacks on the fuel industry can have long-lasting effects on a national scale. More

2 September 2021 Articles

Bitcoin.org Hit by Massive DDoS Attack

An educational cryptocurrency website has been taken down by a network flood. The criminals demanded a ​​0.5 BTC ransom, equal to roughly $17,000 at the time of the attack. But, administrators restored website operation without paying a penny. More

31 August 2021 Industry news

The Threat of DDoS Attacks is Increasing

As the world relies on digital technologies more and more, the consequences of DDoS attacks can ripple further than before. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the biggest cyber threats right now and the forecast on how they will evolve in 2021. More

26 August 2021 Analytics

Titanfall 2 can’t be played on Consoles due to DDoS attacks

Hundreds of thousands of gamers could not enjoy their favorite shooter due to a wave of DDoS attacks that rendered the game unplayable. The dev team made attempts to improve Titanfall’s security, but their success remains to be seen. More

24 August 2021 Industry news

5 main improvements in the first half of 2021

In the first half of 2021, we continued to develop our technologies – we improved the capabilities to repel powerful modern DDoS attacks and brought to the market an innovative software sensor for protection against DDoS attacks of any level. More

19 August 2021 Company news

What is the danger of DDoS attacks on the network?

With the development of digital technologies and the internet of things, DDoS attacks have become the most popular tool for carrying out hacker attacks on businesses, and the trend of such attacks is on the rise. More

12 August 2021 StormWall edu

Can hackers do any harm to Elon Musk?

A group of unknowns “declared war" against the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk on behalf of the group of hacker activists Anonymous. The businessman was called a narcissistic rich man, accused of lying and speculating cryptocurrencies. More

10 August 2021 Opinion

DDoS protection solutions from StormWall are coming to the US market

In June 2021, StormWall began operating in the US market. This is the sixty-eighth foreign country where the company has started providing services to protect online resources from DDoS attacks. Now any US organization can use professional StormWall protection solutions. With the international expansion, the company plans to double the volume of business. More

5 August 2021 Company news

Top Reasons to Use Professional Anti-DDoS Solutions

Most companies tend to underestimate DDoS attacks and the threats they pose. Every year the attacks become more dangerous and sophisticated; their power is continuously growing. More

23 July 2021 Articles

Keksec Cybergang debuts Simps Botnet for Gaming DDoS

The Uptycs threat research group warns of a new botnet called The Simps. Its creation is credited to the criminal group Keksec, which specializes in DDoS attacks. More

20 July 2021 Industry news

Evolution of DDoS Attacks

The ongoing digital transformation of various businesses has not only significantly increased the load on networks and data centers, but also increased the interest of attackers in DDoS attacks at the network level. Modern DDoS attacks are already approaching 1 Tbit/s in scale. More

16 July 2021 Analytics

STUN Servers increasingly abused for DDoS attacks

Network security experts have found an increase in attacks using Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN). How to protect yourself? More

13 July 2021 Industry news

DDoS Security Guidelines

The frequency of DDoS attacks is increasing all over the world. What can you do to protect yourself from DDoS? The need for preventive measures to ensure the protection of a resource from this type of attack is becoming more urgent than ever. More

30 June 2021 StormWall edu

The most vulnerable industries

Which industries are targeted by hackers and how to defend against a potential attack if you work in these business areas? Ramil Khantimirov, CEO and founder of StormWall, talks about the most vulnerable industries. More

30 June 2021 Opinion

DDoS attacks on retail reach all time high

The number of hacker attacks on online stores and retailers around the world in Q4 2020 increased by 77% compared to the same period a year ago. More

29 June 2021 Articles

New TsuNAME DNS bug allows attackes to DDoS authoritative DNS servers

Researchers at SIDN Labs, (.nl domain zone), InternetNZ (.nz domain zone) and the University of Southern California (Institute of Information Sciences) publicly disclose tsuNAME. Key Internet infrastructure of the national level could be at risk, according to researchers and practitioners. More

28 June 2021 Industry news

Hacker trends 2021. Phishing, DDoS-attack, Trojans, IoT, etc.

More than a year has passed since the first wave of COVID. As experts predicted, the increased dependence of users on Internet technologies has led to a surge of all sorts of cybercriminals. The main threats of 2021 are associated with several main areas. More

23 June 2021 Analytics

Belgium suffered the biggest DDoS attack in its history

Hundreds of Belgian state institutions, hospitals, universities and schools faced some problems with internet connection. According to Belnet’s status page, one of the massive DDoS attacks took place, disabling thousands of people from doing their jobs across the whole country. More

21 June 2021 Industry news

DDoS Attacks report for Q1 2021

As our analysis showed, the intensity of DDoS attacks, in general, continues to grow. So, in Q1 2021, we recorded 25.4% more attacks on our customers than in the fourth quarter of 2020. The leaders in the number of attacks were e-commerce, construction, entertainment, telecommunications, as well as the financial sector. More

16 June 2021 Analytics

DDoS protection technologies

The consequences of a successful DDoS attack may be slow operation or inaccessibility of the network, server, Internet service, website, application. As a result, the Internet resource freezes, legal users cannot access it at the right time, the network or server becomes temporarily cut off from the Internet, the Internet resource stops working correctly, etc. More

17 May 2020 Articles

StormWall’s DDoS protection technologies have got a huge recognition in the Middle East

In 2016 StormWall came to the Middle East market and only within five years have made a breakthrough establishing cooperation with many local telecommunication companies. The company managed to achieve a significant success in Iraq where it’s services are actively used by 14 leading ISPs and in Lebanon working with 15 large providers. StormWall is currently cooperating with a number of ISPs Bahrain as well. Our clients are such giants as EarthLink, Terranet, Kalaam Telecom and much more. More

4 May 2021 Company news

The quantity and power of DDoS attacks in 2021 will increase significantly

According to our forecast, in 2021 the global quantity of DDoS attacks on companies’ online resources will increase by at least 20% compared to last year. For more information read our last press-release. More

8 April 2021 Company news

DDoS attacks on telecom companies surge in early 2021

According to StormWall IT security experts, DDoS attacks against telecom companies are on the rise. The surge of such attacks was first detected in early 2021, during the New Year holidays. This January, the incidence of DDoS attacks on the telecom sector has increased by 10% compared with January 2020 and by 34% compared with December 2020, as indicated by data shared by StormWall clients. Hackers mainly targeted small Internet service providers, hosting providers and small data centers with insufficient resources to protect the infrastructure from large-scale DDoS attacks. More

11 March 2021 Company news

The number of DDoS attacks targeting e-commerce in Europe increased by 4 times during the pandemic

Experts from StormWall studied DDoS-attacks targeting the online retail industry in Europe. During the research, StormWall collected data from its clients working in multiple e-commerce segments. Experts discovered that during the pandemic, between February and October 2020, the number of DDoS attacks targeted at online retail services quadrupled compared to the same period last year. More

26 November 2020 Company news

Africell adopts StormWall security solution to protect networks against cybercrime in Africa

Africell, the US-owned mobile network operator with more than 12 million customers in four African countries, has adopted the industry-leading StormWall Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection solution to improve security across its networks. More

13 October 2020 Success stories

StormWall has become members of the peer-to-peer traffic exchange network Equinix IX (Frankfurt)

StormWall continues expanding and implementing its strategy to provide highest-quality protection service from DDoS and hacker attacks to the maximum number of customers. More

21 July 2020 Company news

StormWall has released the new StormWall Portal for managing DDoS protection!

Modern design, user-friendly interface, deep аnalytics and detailed reports for each DDoS attack - you can see the attack graph, all the statistics, including which addresses and AS numbers it came from, protocols, and even packet details! More

16 July 2020 Company news

Types of Anti-DDoS Solutions. Hybrid Solutions

We are finishing the series of posts about the types of Anti-DDoS solutions. Today we will review the last one - hybrid solution. More

30 October 2020 Industry news

Types of Anti-DDoS Solutions. Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions implement almost the same protection functionality as the on-premises ones. In addition to protection from packet attacks, anti-DDoS cloud service providers often offer services to protect websites from HTTP/HTTPS bot attacks, technical support and help during DDoS attacks. More

22 October 2020 Industry news

Types of Anti-DDoS solutions. On-premise

This type of solution can be installed either by a customer or by his ISP. Both software and hardware appliances (specialized network devices) are available. More

15 October 2020 Industry news

How to choose a сloud Anti-DDoS service

Anti-DDoS service provider, part of which can potentially be generated by an attacker. The security provider processes and filters this traffic, then sends clean traffic to the customer. More

08 October 2020 Industry news

How to ensure the protectability from DDoS attacks for online resources? Goal №4

The key goal of any DDoS protection is to ensure the availability of an online service under attack as well as without it. But the problem is, if the service has availability issues even without an attack, under attack this issue will become more evident. More

24 September 2020 StormWall edu

How to ensure the protectability from DDoS attacks for online resources? Goal №3

The key goal of any DDoS protection is to ensure the availability of an online service under attack as well as without it. But the problem is, if the service has availability issues even without an attack, under attack this issue will become more evident. More

17 September 2020 StormWall edu

How to ensure the protectability from DDoS attacks for online resources? Goal №2

Goal №2 – probably the second most difficult goal after the first one-to - provide as much information as possible to the DDoS protection company. More

11 September 2020 StormWall edu

How to ensure the protectability from DDoS attacks for online resources? Goal №1

So, the goal №1 - perhaps the simplest – is to give the attacker as little information as possible. More

03 September 2020 StormWall edu

Protectability from DDoS

We have been working in the field of protection from DDoS attacks for many years and once we began to wonder why some applications are easier to secure than others, and some are more difficult, and why this happens. More

20 August 2020 StormWall edu

Gitex Technology Week (GITEX) 2019 in Dubai, 06-10 October

StormWall is now on GITEX in Dubai. And our specialists will be there till 10 October. The event is dedicated to the latest achievements in IT, communication technologies and electronics. More

01 October 2019 Company news

MENOG 19 Meeting and Peering Forum

MENOG 19 took place in Beirut, from 31 March – 4 April 2019.
It was an informative and great event attended by more than 235 participants from 34 countries including the StormWall team.

31 March 2019 Company news

13th European Peering Forum (EPF)

European Peering Forum was held in Athens, Greece from the 17th till the 19th of September 2018. In the event , up to 300 peering managers and coordinators from networks connected to the host Internet exchanges. Besides an interesting topical agenda, the three-day event accommodated room for attendees to meet on a one-to-one basis to discuss bilateral peering business opportunities.

17 September 2018 Company news

SmartEx Lebanon 2018 in Beirut, Lebanon

SmartEx was a great success with 6,668 business professionals in attendance. SmartEx has attracted thousands of local and regional business executives, presenting a wide range of Industries, looking for the latest technological innovations for their business.

25 April 2018 Company news


iCU’s breakthrough event in Hong Kong is a gathering of key decision makers from Cloud Services, Data Centres and OTT markets in the Asia-Pacific region. World-class speakers, dynamic panel discussions, and solid deep dives shaped this first-of-its-kind conference experience in Asia. CEO StormWall Ramil Khantemirov made a report "IoT insecurity as the biggest threat to our future".

11 April 2018 Company news

RONOG4 in Bucharest, Romania

Romanian Network Operators Group (RONOG) held its fourth meeting on 31 October 2017, in Bucharest. The event was hosted by InterLAN and will take place at the Radisson BLU Hotel. Network Operators, Regulators and Government representatives were invited to the event.
Co-founder StormWall Ramil Khantimirov made a report"Connecting DDoS protection: things to consider".

31 October 2017 Company news

12th European Peering Forum (EPF) in Lisbon, Portugal

The 13th European Peering Forum (EPF) was held in Lisbon, Portugal from the 18th till the 20th of September 2017. Besides an interesting topical agenda, the three-day event accommodates room for attendees to meet on a one-to-one basis to discuss bilateral peering business opportunities.

18 September 2018 Company news

Neutral Peering Days 2017, The Hague, Netherlands

The Neutral Peering Days 2017 brought together NL-ix members and partners and the international peering, ICT & interconnection community. For two days, leading industry experts shared their visions on the latest market and technological developments with senior-level attendees from around the world.

14 September 2018 Company news

More-IP 2017 in Amsterdam

MORE-IP is bringing together the professionals and decision-makers of the IP interconnection industry. By attending MORE-IP these people have the opportunity to further grow their business. They can connect to new parties, strengthen their existing business relationships, share knowledge and learn about new developments and demands. Around 200 professionals from every internet related sector participated at MORE-IP.

30 May 2017 Company news

RIPE74 in Budapest, Hungary

A RIPE Meeting is a five-day event where Internet Service Providers (ISPs), network operators and other interested parties gather to discuss issues of interest to the Internet community.

8 May 2017 Company news

MENOG17 in Muscat, Oman

MENOG 17 took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat, Oman on 19-20 April 2017 205 people checked in from 37 different countries. The Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG) offers a great opportunity to network with colleagues, share experiences and knowledge, present and discuss the latest networking innovations and discover new business models and applications.

19 April 2017 Company news